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About the Art

“Painting isn’t an aesthetic act – it is a form of magic designed as a mediator between this strange hostile world and us, a way of siezing the power by giving form to our terror as well as our desires...”



The following are the stories about the art that you will see in my Gallery:


WALL BOXES - Demented Confessions

I live in my studio and shelf space is devoured by sculptures, books, Mexican ceramics and ephemera with potential.

An observant friend remarked that if I still wanted to create mixed media sculptures I must now make them to hang on the wall. So I did. Definately a winter hibernation adventure, bluesy in the cave wrapped in furs kind of self indulgence, confession time, out of mind.

The wall box pieces in the Gallery are made inside of reversed, 2" deep 'cradled panels'. The 'Mixed-media' includes: fired and acrylic stained clay, doll parts, feathers and found ephemera.



After many years I rediscovered the joy of working in clay. The faces in these pieces are a reinterpretation in 3D of my painted Inner Portraits and each sculpture represents some aspect of my life. The images emerged with the same intuitive conjuring of form and with a build from intense and textural mark making. At the same time I inherited a basket full of doll parts. I have been playing with them since, in these free-standing sculptures and in the wall box series.


 PAINTING - Inner Portraits

My main body of painted work over the past four years has explored the metaphorical, psychological and literal meanings of The Mask; the mutability of Face; and the idea of Inner Portraiture.


These mysteries dance into my studio seeking recognition and expression. They are reflections of everyone I am and have been; of people I know and have known. They wear the masks I wear, are painted for ritual and carnivale and birthed by dream and poem. They are ghosts passing through, spirit guides, jesters and oracles. Many make me laugh, some are too tragic for words and all emerge from a deeply personal and ancient journey.


These paintings are not ‘portraits’ in the traditional sense. They are aspects of my life envisioned, invoked and reflected in the multiple facets of my art.


Please contact me if you are interested in purchasing any of my art or just want to share an idea or two.



Where you are now is my professional website. It is created with the single intention of showing my art in as simple and as formal a context as possible.


I have a less formal website, a blog where I post my art and the poems of my art and many other musings with inspirations, humour and beatific connections. I call it Art Rat Cafe


...'birthed by dream and poem'...


Dreams rich and fertile when they choose to root and bear fruit in me.


A muse dancing with veiled words among stars, whispering like the sea.


Sometimes the poem births the art and sometimes the art births the poem.

This is how it unfolds.


 I invite you to visit Art Rat Cafe





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