I moon the night with prophesies.

Do you hear her in my voice,

The Oracle?


my nest is full of tiny bones and skulls

and i will read your secret name with them

should you ask me for a song


and bring me




the key is offered

the angel of paradox

reveals everything

and nothing


i confess

i am useless at riddles

crosswords or games with eggtimers

so the mystery remains


the key is offered

i made it so

but that doesn't mean i get it

the beyond belief



she knew immediately

the symbolism, the references,

the memory, the confession.


there are people in my life

who know more about me than I do.

I make my confessions to them.



the reach is absolute

and final


embedded in my skull

that button, that screen


i don't see the sun much



i decorate myself

with ancient dreams


i'm expected to confess

six times a day

(seven on nature nostalgia day)


my favorites are the tree egg

and the animatronic moose

(but i'm not allowed to touch)



veiled whispers reversed

Putti lobotomized

trees wither

language crumbles




beware  straight black lines

she said

and listen


to the poetry

of clouds


birds fly upside down

through the smudged charcoal

of falling ash

Time cracks open




a mad man

now wears the crown

oh say,

don't you hear

the old gods




more a gentle summer breeze really,

a mere puff of air,

the sounds of each letter of my disclosure

a balmy zephyr marshmallow

melting on my tongue


but it's her hand that touches me,

a cat's paw on my skin,

a compass pointing to the silent passages

between the sound of each letter

of my disclosure

Clinock's Head


It's because I need to share my art holistically.

This blog will become a space in which I can stitch all facets of my art together.

My website 'Galleries' can only show the images

but there are also the poems.

Sometimes an artwork gives birth to a poem and sometimes a poem grows into an artwork .

They are interwoven on many levels of meaning and are meant to dance together.


I will join them together on this blog, one poem / image / poem each post.

Each post will bear the title of the art as given in this site's Galleries.


Thank you for your visit, a peek inside my head.